PAIS is a member of EAI

PSSI jest członkiem EAI

EAI (EUROPEAN ALLIANCE FOR INNOVATION) is a no-profit organization supported by the European Commission that fosters ICT-enabled innovation and matchmaking to improve European competitiveness and to benefit society.

Polish Artificial Intelligence Society is a member of EAI. There are several benefits and privileges available for members of PAIS, such as:

  • EAI will spread the PAIS's news, activities, etc. through the EAI website and events search tool.
  • PAIS can benefit from EAI INNO-MATCH, a unique matchmaking community tool which allows EAI users to propose, share and search collaboration opportunities and EAI-endorsed events inside the community.
  • PAIS can benefit from the EAI Fellowship Program within the EAI INNOVATION ACADEMY, the distinctive body established by the EAI to recognize excellence in innovation contributions to research and practice in all stages of innovation activities.
  • PAIS can join EAI SUMMITS activity by proposing a workshop, panel or by suggesting a technical session presentation as an organizing committee member, sponsor, or exhibitor.
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